Research-in-Focus: Unveiling the Power of Quantum Ayurveda

At Herbalage, our journey goes beyond tradition; it delves deep into the realms of science and ancient wisdom. Our research begins by meticulously studying the molecular properties of nutrients present in classical Ayurvedic formulations. Using this knowledge, our dedicated research team embarks on a journey of reformulation and reverse engineering, harnessing the phyto-nutrients within these formulations. What sets us apart is our dedication to enhancing the energy field of our products. We employ the shodhana and bhawana system of classical Ayurveda to elevate the subtle vibrational level of our creations. We call this transformative process Quantum Ayurveda, where tradition meets the quantum world to unlock the full potential of holistic well-being.
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Research-in-Focus (RiF) Products:
Explore our ongoing research and development in Quantum Ayurveda with these transformative RiF formulations:

The Complete Lymphatic System Detox
Supports: Lymphatic System, Whole Body Detox, Liver & Kidneys Health, Prostate Health
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Holistic Prostate Care for Healthy Men
Supports: Holistic Prostate Care, Overall Prostate Health, Vitality for Men
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Safe & Holistic Ayurvedic Care for Cysts
Supports holistic cyst management, natural relief, nourishment, and overall well-being.
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Natural Telomere Health
Promotes natural telomere length maintenance, cellular regeneration, healthy aging, and DNA integrity enhancement.
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Holistic Ayurvedic Care for a Strong Heart
Support for maintaining strong cardiovascular health, promoting healthy blood circulation, and enhancing optimal heart function.
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Vedic Meta Quanta
Natural & Holistic Care for Diabetes
Holistic support for managing diabetes, promoting healthy blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity, and overall metabolic wellness.
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Natural Microbiome Health
Enhances gut health, supports digestion, boosts immune resilience, and fosters gut-brain balance for overall wellness.
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Vedic CalciMag-D
Holistic & Natural Vitamin & Mineral Support
Delivers holistic and natural vitamin and mineral support with plant-based calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D3.
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Vedic Anti-Allergy
Ayurvedic Anti-Allergy Support
Harness Ayurvedic support for allergies and relief.
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Vedic Bile Balance
Natural & Holistic Bile Support
Promotes natural bile balance, supports healthy digestion, aids nutrient absorption, and encourages overall digestive wellness.
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Vedic RA Care
Premium Ayurvedic & Holistic Care for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Holistic support for managing Rheumatoid Arthritis. Promotes joint comfort, flexibility, and overall joint health.
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Vedic AyuMuscle Blend
Natural Muscle Health Formula
Supports muscle health, flexibility, and recovery.
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Vedic Ayu-Biome
Holistic Gut Microbiome Support
Nurtures a thriving gut microbiome for balanced digestion, immune resilience.
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Vedic V-Formula
Natural Vata Humor Support
Natural support for balancing Vata Humor with Vedic wisdom.
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Vedic P-Formula
Natural Pitta Humor Support
Natural support for balancing Pitta Humor with Vedic wisdom.
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Vedic K-Formula
Natural Kapha Humor Support
Natural support for balancing Kapha Humor with Vedic wisdom.
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Vedic All-Dosha Harmony
Natural All-Humor Support
Natural support for balancing (Tridosha) All-Humor with Vedic wisdom.
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The Ayurvedic Nutritional Support + MultiVitamin Blend
Elevate your vitality with a premium and luxury fusion of Ayurvedic nourishment and a potent MultiVitamin blend.
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OJAS-Leh Premium
Luxury Ayurvedic Nutritional Blend
Premium and luxurious Ayurvedic nutritional blend that fosters vitality, radiant energy, enhanced immunity, and overall rejuvenation.
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Tejas-Vita 500
The Holistic & Ayurvedic Whole-body Detox
Elevate vitality with the Ayurvedic detox blend. Optimize energy, radiance, and mental clarity as Tejas thrives within.
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Prana-Vita 500
The Holistic & Ayurvedic LifeForce Management Formula
Harmonize life force, optimizing energy, clarity, and well-being. Explore the future of holistic wellness with our ongoing RiF formulations.
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