Herbalage is a Worldwide Wellness Group Company that manufactures and supplies high-quality Ayurvedic and herbal products using ancient siddha systems and modern scientific methods. They specialize in developing Ayurvedic, herbal dietary supplements, multi-vitamins, protein and amino acid products, and body, skin and hair wellness products.

Their manufacturing facilities follow strict industry standards, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and are in compliance with the International Standard Organization and AYUSH. One of the facilities, located near Jabalpur, India, specializes in blending herbal extracts with handmade ingredients, encapsulating them using state-of-the-art technology, and following their philosophy “Inspired by Nature-Made by Science Philosophy™”.

The Quality and Efficiency Process

To ensure consistent quality and efficacy, Herbalage follows international manufacturing standards such as disclosing raw materials/ingredients, evaluating and maintaining proper documentation throughout the process, ensuring certificates of analysis (CoA) from raw material vendors, conducting independent laboratory analysis (ILA) to monitor for potential contaminants, and finished product testing (FPT) to confirm the highest quality. Herbalage also follows a “head-to-toe” process when designing, developing, and manufacturing products, handling everything in-house from the initial idea to final development.


Herbalage has facilities strategically located across India, including Jabalpur (MP), Allahabad (UP), and Greater Noida (UP).


Herbalage prioritizes prompt service and offers same-day fulfillment, excluding Saturdays and public holidays. Their warehousing and shipping services are managed by world-class logistics partners such as FedEx, DHL, India Post, SafEx, and other reliable handling and forwarding agencies.