Worldwide Wellness Group began in 2001 with the goal of capitalizing on the increasing demand for Ayurveda and herbal products, starting as a small-scale business exporting raw herbs and growing International demand of Ayurevda. In 2006, Herbalage was established to make Ayurveda a commonly used tool for managing lifestyle disorders and not just treating illnesses. Today, Herbalage is a unique platform that allows for growth in multiple areas such as finance, physical health, mental well-being, emotional stability, and spiritual development. Through our Nobel vision the “Quantum Oneness” movement, we intend to re-establish ancient Indian principle of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” or “the whole world is one family”. Our Mission “Wellness Bharat” provides a platform to empower individuals to achieve better health, financial stability and self-reliance and we aim to tap into the trillion-dollar wellness economy, be a part of the Rupees 3 lakh crore plus wellness industry in India and work towards making the country a developed nation.

Philosophy: Inspired by Nature-Made by ScienceTM

Herbalage is founded upon and has been implementing for nearly a decade. Rooted in the principles of Ayurvedic texts and utilizing modern quality processes, this philosophy is evident in every aspect of our work.