Late Dr. Ganga Sahai, a renowned scientist and environmentalist, and Mr. Mohammad Aqeel Syed, an expert in Ayurveda and Yogic Science, co-founded the Herbalage Wellness India (P) Ltd. Late Dr Sahai had a distinguished career in scientific research, academia, and environmental causes, while Mr Syed, a young entrepreneur with a background in science and business management, developed a passion for studying ancient Ayurveda and Yogic Science. They aimed to bring ancient Indian wisdom to a wider audience through their venture by providing scientifically evaluated Ayurvedic products and services.


Mrs Saifra Aqeel is a highly qualified and trained herbalist with expertise in the field of dermatology. Despite her busy schedule as a full-time home maker raising three beautiful and smart children, she has been actively involved with the board of the group companies since the very beginning. Her knowledge and experience in herbal medicine and dermatology make her a valuable asset to the company. In addition to her role as a mother and homemaker, she has dedicated her time and efforts to contribute to the success of the company. Dr Richa Sahai, a researcher with 20+ years of experience in Yogic life, Naturopathy and Ayurveda, is passionate about helping people overcome physical, mental, and spiritual situations. She is known as Yoga Shiromani hailed as Vedic Healer of repute and has been acclaimed internationally among her elite clientele. Dr Shubhi, an expert in the field of Yogic psychology with 12+ years of experience, helps people manage mental and emotional imbalances using a combination of modern psychology and ancient yogic methodology. Together, they carry on the legacy of their late father, Dr Ganga Sahai, and serve on the board of the Worldwide Wellness Group companies.

Top Echelons / Promoters:

Shri Haroon Ahmad is a prominent lawyer at the Allahabad High Court and Supreme Court of India and serves as the head of the legal department for group companies. Shri SZ Quadri is a prominent IT technocrat with over 20 years of experience running the IT development and consultancy firm Zaidsoft and serves as the Chief Technology Advisor on the board. Shri Ravendra K Mishra has over 30 years of experience in direct selling, and is also an educationist, social worker and politician of repute. They have been on the board of Herbalage since its inception in 2006. Mr Amit Jaisawal has been a designated partner and has served on the board of Worldwide Wellness LLP since 2015 and has handled accounts and finance since 2007.

Our Heroes :

Shri Vinod Prakash Ji is a Senior Executive in Logistics at Herbalage with over 30 years of experience managing logistics in large corporations. He is a mentor and guardian to his colleagues. Mr Pramod Srivastava is the Head of the Creativity and Multi-media department at Herbalage with over 10 years of experience in creative design, publishing and printing. He leads the overall creative design of products and the publication department. Mr Shlok Ranjan Srivastava is an expert in creative, visual and graphic arts, with experience in teaching at a national level college of visual art and creativity. He heads the creative and E-Commerce departments at Herbalage and works closely with the CEO on product concept and creativity. Ram Mangal Mishra is a well-known figure in the field of Ayurvedic pharmacy in India, having made significant contributions over the past four decades. He is highly respected for his efforts to modernize Ayurveda and was associated with the Shri Baidyanath Ayurved facility in Naini, Allahabad for almost 30 years before taking his well-deserved retirement.

Board of Trustees of Wellness Bharat Foundation

Shri Kaushal Singh ji is a well-known social reformer and former student leader who advocates for combating corruption and supporting civil services examination aspirants. He works alongside Sufi Sri ji as the joint chief convener of the foundation. Dr Vishal Bodhi is a highly respected spiritual healer who helps raise awareness in the spiritual field. Sharjeel Zafar Ahmad is a young, energetic digital marketing entrepreneur who leads efforts to raise awareness through digital platforms. The foundation also has other notable members including Sufi Sri Mohammad Aqeel Syed, Dr Richa Ji, and Dr Shubhi Ji, who serve as trustees and founding members.