Black Catalyst


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Black Catalyst is the result of tremendous research work using molecular ayurveda.

The formulation is derived simultaneously from

vedic scriptures, tibbe-nabbvi (prophetic medicine) as well as modern scientific researches and available researches and data.

It is a wonder blend of two super anti-oxidants & anti-inflammatory agents with heap to protective, anti – carcinogenic and antimicrobial properties.

Black Catalyst helps repair the damage cells and can deal against the damage towards bodily tissues.

Being most powerful super anti-oxidant it helps play three major roles in your daily life:

  1. As a Catalyst – it improves bio availability

and enhances bio-effecasy.

  1. As a daily lifestyle supplement – it helps manage number of conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions, mental stress, obesity, allergies, hair & skin problem and liver-kidneys disorders etc.
  2. Disease Management – The phytonutrients found in the combination of the Black Catalyst are believe to be most potent agents to manage cancerous and tumor cells.

It also helps manage long term illness and uncurable



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